Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cubing is Quite Difficult

So, hey. I've been cubing a lot lately and I've dropped my time down from 27ish seconds to 22-24 in two weeks (today's A5 was 22.46). In my opinion, that's okay, but I feel like I've hit a barrier. Here's a breakdown of my steps.

Cross - 3 sec
F2L - 13 sec
OLL - 5 sec
PLL - 3 sec
Total - 24 sec

Looking at this, I have my things-to-do list:
1. Shave F2L down to 9-10 seconds
2. Learn full OLL, thus dropping that to 3 seconds.
3. Cross to 1 second.

Doing this will lead to 18-19 second solves...SUB 20!!!

School's about to start and I don't really want to commit to memory the rest of the OLL's (I know 19/57 right now). So I'm going to work on F2L lookahead and BLD cross. Sub 20 will be hard with this, but it'll be an improvement.

Sorry for the lack of meat in the recent posts, but this post, in particular, is more for my logging than your reading pleasure.


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