Sunday, October 17, 2010

He's Gotten Faster

Hi all,

I've been cubing plenty the past month, and as many of you know, I have achieved sub 20.  A few days ago, I got a 16.66 second average of 5 with 17 being my high and 14 as my low.  That being said, today was sort of monumental - I achieved three 16.xx second solves.  The overall average of 12 was still only sub 20, but nonetheless, it felt good to get so many good times.

The surprising part of this is not that I all of a sudden learned more algorithms, but instead, I simply slowed down during F2L.  As I've said before, going slow and looking ahead is important - 3tps will get you sub 20.  However, I was not expecting 16's to pop up from going slow.

After my average was finished, I thought back about how I did that, and I realized two things.

1.  My "slow" turning was around 4 turns per second, and
2.  I went 3/4 speed on cross, 4 tps on F2L, and full speed (roughly 6 tps) on OLL and PLL.

A few days ago I timed each step of my solves -
1.  Cross - 1.5 seconds (3 seconds max)
2.  F2L - 8 seconds (11 seconds max)
3.  OLL - 2 seconds (2.5 seconds max)
4.  PLL - 2 seconds (3 seconds max)
This brings my times to between 13.5 - 19.5 seconds.
However, this excludes pauses.  The only place I pause is between each entire step, not each F2L pair.  And I usually get anything from 15 to 23, so you can see that I have around 3 seconds to improve on.

As a current goal - my goal is to get my maximum throwout time to be 20, and thus ALL my solves will be sub 20.  The average will naturally decrease from there, if my maximum is only 20.  Furthermore, I'm going to try to shoot for a 16 second average of 12 this week, and see how I do.

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

His YouTube Channel is Now Complete!

Hi all,

I made a new YouTube video declaring what my channel is about.

I'll take the time to overview the video, but also declare my goals as a cuber on this blog (at least the cubing portion of the blog).

1. It's a series of videos/blogs to help people reach sub-20 on the Rubik's cube with CFOP Fridrich method

2.  I have not connected enough with my audience, so I have decided to attach a poll using Google Moderator on my YouTube Channel to get viewer suggestions.

3.  I am open to really any video idea, so long as it is not profane, etc, etc.

That's really about it!  Happy cubing, and

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sub 20 is Easy/Update

Hi all,

I've finally reached sub 20 on the Rubik's cube, and it really wasn't very difficult. I actually achieved this milestone two days after my previous post, but I doubted myself and called it luck. However, by now, it's pretty much consistent with rare quirks of 25 second solves (insert facepalm emoticon here). At any rate, going slow really helped. At this point, I'm thinking of purchasing an F II and go for sub 15...just a thought.

Now for more housekeeping related updates.

My YouTube channel has been updated. I added the moderator module to get viewer input, and also a "Check out these other cubers" box which is still under construction. All in all, this is my way of saying thanks to all my viewers for sticking with me this long.

Also, expect the "Movies" tab of the blog to be updated in the next few days - I've watched some movies as of late that I haven't yet reviewed, so stay tuned.

That's all folks!

Thanks for reading,