Thursday, September 16, 2010

The V-Cube 5 is Actually Pretty Disappointing

Pretty short post today.

I've been playing with the v5 all week, and I have to say, I'm disappointed.

The outer layer turns are quite subpar, and the inner layers are a bit tight.
I absolutely loathe the stickers as they keep chipping under my nails. This seems to be an issue primarily with the v5 since the 6 and 7 all have nice stickers.

The quality of the plastic is also rather poor with dirtied areas as well as molding imperfections that make the cube look tattered even though it is but a few weeks old.

I understand there is a bit of luck when it comes to purchasing V-Cubes, or any product for that matter, so this is in no way a degradation of the V Cubes company. That being said, I'm terribly unhappy with the V-Cube 5.

Hopefully (and I say that very intentionally), the cube will break in some more. As of right now though, I can't stand looking at a ripped-up, three-week old cube.

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