Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are you happy that you took the piss out of that song?

Hey all,

I'm not an American Idol fan, but I do enjoy seeing Heejun Han as a contestant and making it this far.

His performance tonight wasn't spectacular by any means and I expected criticisms from the judges but I think what Steven said went too far.  It wasn't really a critique about the song or even Heejun's style.  It was simply a personal insult.

Steven: He-Man!  Are you happy that you took the piss out of that song?  The music business will kick your ass; at some point you got to take it more serious.

I honestly don't think Heejun even understood what that meant.  So unfortunately for him, he answered, 'yeah' to the question.

A part of me died hearing this.  Perhaps Heejun isn't the most likable character, but he didn't deserve treatment like this, either.  

Lastly, Steven Tyler should stop playing with Heejun's name.  First "Hey June", now "He-Man."  It's either patronizing, demeaning, or both.

I was quite shocked and disappointed.  Thoughts?

Here's a video if you didn't see it:

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I felt the same way. It may be a racial issue. I am black American but love Korean dramas and Heejun's behavior mimics so much the fun attitude of the actors in these dramas. I don't think he is acting, I think his light-hearted personality catches some cynical people off guard. As well, Steven Tyler may not have any international friends. He seems very cruel towards Heejun. He needs to pronounce his name the way it truly is...after all, no one calls him Ste-phen.

    1. Exactly. It's incredibly disrespectful to play with one's name. I'm Asian American and I think it's at least plausible that there is a racial matter here. I found it interesting how annoyed Steven was yet how cheerful Nigel was in the background.

    2. Thank you! I wrote the comment at 7:37pm 03/21 earlier. I really am starting not to like Steven Tyler. I hope that Heejun does not get discouraged and that he continues to shine. I hope that no matter what happens on the show, that he doesn't become depressed like he said he was before. I hope this show opens up some awesome opportunities for him..he just makes me smile. He's the only reason I watch American Idol...I never have before.

  2. I was quite taken aback by Steven Tyler's open contempt.

  3. I was a Stephen Tyler fan...but maybe not anymore.tonight..he was down right nasty. I'm a middle aged white lady, and I cringed when he mispronounced Heejun's name. I think Heejun was putting his comedic individuality on the song. So many people get up and sing songs on this show that are cheezily arranged and overwrought. When Philip Philips sticks to his weirdo style and ignores advice they call him brilliant. Tyler shouldn't throw stones-not the way he
    screeched the Star Bangled Banner

  4. I have never ever posted anything on the web before but this was down right disgusting. Stephen Tyler owes an apology. He was 100% in the wrong for what he said. He just does not get it. If you noticed Heejun is having fun. He is the only one that smiles all the time and he makes me smile too. As for Steven, maybe he is getting too old.

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