Monday, August 9, 2010

Avatar is a Mediocre Movie

I saw Avatar awhile back, hoping for something amazing; all my peers gave it two thumbs up, so I was all hyped up. After looking at a screen for nearly three hours, I left disappointed. Not only did Avatar fail to be unique, it was downright terrible.

Where to begin? I suppose with the largest flaw present - the plot. James Cameron could not have picked a cheesier, unoriginal focal point. As one of my friends coined it - "Pocahontas in space." That statement is spot-on. Not only is the plot identical, the only "twist" to the original Disney animation is the environment, consisting of chemiluminescent organisms and smurfs. This plot made the movie a no-brainer, every aspect of the movie was predictable, and the tale was drawn out for far too long.

Next, goof-ups. According to the Colonel, the Pandoras is a small planet, thus you have to work out to keep from "getting soft." Okay, fine, but how do you explain the gravity being the same as it is on Earth. There is no apparent difference in gravity. Then again, I'm no free-fall expert.

Moving on, as much as I dismissed the last claim, this next one is definitely a flaw. Based on the prevalent use of masks, I assume that Pandoras has an oxygen deficiency (do correct me if I'm wrong). Thus, humans have to travel outside with the gas masks on in order to survive. This leads to two flaws in the movie. Why does Trudy lack a mask when she pilots the copter?! And how does fire work in on Pandora? Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but that was a huge torch that Sulley had when he first stayed in the forest.

Now for the pros. There's not much except for the immaculate detail in the CGI. Admittedly, the effects in this movie were astounding. However, to counter that, this movie was in production 15 years prior to the release date.

In all, this movie is a mediocre reenactment of Pocahontas with CGI on steroids. The lack of originality makes it seem like plagiarism by the media, that is, content that is not one's own, but is not called out since it brings in cash.

Avatar was a successful movie from an economic standpoint, but really no more. I was thoroughly disappointed.

Final Rating: C+

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  1. Nothing but Pocahontas in space. The movie bored me; thank god we watched it on Netflix rather than leaving the house, going to the theatre, and paying 11 bucks per ticket to see the junk that people find to be amazing.