Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello World! 2.0

First and foremost - the reference: the title is supposed to allude to Justin Bieber's album.

Secondly, the update. Since I'm so new to blogging, I took some time surfing around the Internet to figure out the general feel for a blog. From what I gathered, it's fairly open; people talk about their daily lives to listing "Top 10's."

That's all fun and well, but I need my niche, and I think I've found it. Initially I wanted to use Blogger as a way to evade society with what I thought about certain topics, both planned and spontaneous. However, I realized that any opinion I would deem valuable would be more or less a rant and I certainly don't need to disparage among passing readers.

Thus, instead, I've narrowed down my topic(s) to the three most relevant things in my life. School (Education), and two hobbies: Rubik's cubes and movies/cinema. That's not to say those are my only hobbies (for that would be a rather drab lifestyle), but it's definitely what I want to most blog about.

So there's my update.

Thanks for reading,

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