Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here Are 50 Simple Pleasures In Life For a High School Student

Good job, Sherlock.  This is indeed not what I usually write about.

Here are fifty things you know you find enjoyable, you just may or may not admit to them.  These are the things students don't pay enough attention to. :)
  1. Watching others fall.
  2. Watching others fail.
  3. Seeing others do worse than you on tests.
  4. Hoping others do worse than you on tests.
  5. Hearing unfortunate events, laughing at them thinking they are jokes, then finding out that they are not.
  6. Defecation.
  7. Eating.
  8. Getting high (presumably...).
  9. Jaywalking.
  10. Having friends.
  11. Seeing someone without friends.
  12. Laughing.
  13. Laughing at someone.
  14. Urination.
  15. Urination after a prolonged urge to hold it in.
  16. Getting an A if you're Asian.
  17. Getting a B if you're not.
  18. Getting a C if you're...[insert ethnicity you believe to stereotypically get this grade].
  19. Being liked by a teacher.
  20. Being the teacher's pet (don't deny this one, you know you like it :P)
  21. Sleeping for more than 3 hours if you're studious.
  22. Sleeping for more than 3 hours if you partied the night before.
  23. No homework.
  24. No tests the next day.
  25. The last day of school.
  26. Taking ten minutes to "get a drink of water."
  27. Passing notes to people.
  28. Seeing the teacher give the wrong notes.
  29. Watching a teacher have a breakdown because he/she did not prepare the lecture well enough.
  30. Watching a student question a teacher's notes.
  31. Watching the teacher have no response.
  32. In-class video!!
  33. With no worksheet!!!
  34. Substitute who tries to give a lecture on something never seen before.
  35. Learning more from said sub than the actual teacher.
  36. Watching student get mocked by teacher.
  37. Field trip!!
  38. Senior skip day!!
  39. Getting late to class but acting like you weren't.
  40. Blurting out answers.
  41. Doing easy math in Calculus class.
  42. Outsmarting the Psych teacher.
  43. Getting better lab results than your Chem teacher (never happened for me, but I sure would like it to.)
  44. Spinning pens in English.
  45. Trying to spin pens in English.
  46. Throwing racial slurs at people of your own race in front of people of another race.  Their faces are priceless.
  47. Handing in a rough draft and getting a better score than someone who worked their butt off.
  48. Discussing Harry Potter or Twilight in English.
  49. Swearing because you feel more powerful.
  50. Being a rectum.
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  1. hiya... love this post.. I like the permission to repost it in my blog.. gonna credit you though =D